The Research Centre of Mineral Waste Valorisation into Construction Materials is equipped to carry out destructive and nondestructive testing on composite materials, leaching test on wastes and building materials with inorganic waste content, as well as to study the durability of composite materials with cementitious matrix.

-    Equipments for granular and powder sample preparation and characterization
    -    Crusher – BB 200 Retsch;
    -    Drying Oven Memmert UFB 400; 
    -    Equipments for aggregate characterization;
    -    Balances (Ohaus Adventurer Pro 0.0001 g, A&D Company EK 200G 0.01 g).
    -    Equipments for preparing and testing of technical characteristics of composite materials with inorganic matrix and waste content.
-   Automatic mixer for paste, mortar and concrete processing
-   Equipments for characterization of paste, mortar and concrete in fresh and hardened state (equipment for characterization of fresh concrete, length comparator, N - DigiSchmidt 2000 sclerometer, Controls 58E0048 ultrasonic instrument, Golz core cutter machine, mechanical properties testing machine, furnace N11/H - Tmax. 1280C, Geiger counter).
-    Equipments for environmental properties testing on inorganic wastes and composite materials with waste content
      -    Magnetic stirrers and other devices for leaching tests. 
      -    Vacuum Pump Rocker 410; Masterflex   peristaltic pump; 
      -    Multiparameter analyzer function of pH meter, conductivity, oxygen meter;
      -    Colorimeter C200;
      -    Atomic absorption spectrophotometer AA-500.